Online Cake Delivery in Jaipur and Same Day Cake Delivery Jaipur

Online cake delivery in Jaipur for your special one's Order For Same Day & Midnight

Jaipur is the city of love. It is a testament to the fact that Rajput culture has long underscored the importance of gift-giving. So, if you wish to send over a gift such as cakes or flowers, use a Superfast cake delivery service in Jaipur 24*4 hours service to make your loved ones happy.

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The new way to  Cake Delivery in Jaipur on Birthday – Surprise your loved ones by sending the Best  gifts at midnight with Giftzbag’s midnight cake delivery in
Jaipur. Get the fresh cake delivered to your loved ones within 4-5 Hours All Over Jaipur from the best cake shop in Jaipur.

24 Hours Fresh Cakes Delivery In Jaipur

Everyone deserves something special on their Birthday.

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12 am Midnight Cakes Delivery in Jaipur

Express your love in the most amazing way With Your Someone.

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Cakes are the evergreen treats that can make anyone and everyone happy. If you are confused about which site to use then Giftzbag is the perfect choice for you. Cakes can tend to be expensive and if chosen recklessly can put a dent in the pocket. With Giftzbag, the budget is no bar to gift someone a cake. We have affordable options such as chocolate cakes, pineapple cakes, and eggless varieties. We also have discounts on all products, essentially making them cheaper than all brick and mortar stores. You can use discount coupons, codes and offers to make your purchase much cheaper. Now there should be no reason not to celebrate any occasion with a delicious cake.


Giftzbag specializes in delicious cakes and cake delivery. It is the leading online cake delivery portal in Jaipur. Using Giftzbag, one can order all kinds of baked goods. It offers the largest variety of cakes online, each one more delicious than the previous one. The varieties include the quintessential chocolate cake, pineapple cake, vanilla cake, and butterscotch cake. We also offer customized options such as designer cakes, themed cakes, and photo cakes. If the event pertains to a very special person, then you can even opt for the fancy black forest cake or red velvet cake. With so many choices, you will surely find your pick here.


In the modern era, gifting has taken a completely new form. It is more of art now. And requires attention to detail. With so many occasions dotting the calendar year, it is necessary to understand the nuances of each event. Your gift must be suitable for the event. For instance, a photo cake might not go down well at a funeral while a plain vanilla might incite jeers from the kids at a birthday party. Giftzbag has cakes for every occasion. Be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or some anniversary, you can find the best cakes online.


This is the best part of online cake delivery. There is no need to spend hours in lines or sweat in the sun. A cake can now be ordered by anyone with a simple smartphone. Just log on to the website and select a cake for yourself. To make choosing easier, the cakes have been divided into subcategories on the basis of occasions and relations. After adding a cake to your cart, all you have to do is pay online using our secure payments gateway. Within hours your favorite cake will be delivered to your house.


  • Giftzbag offers free shipping across all major cities of India.
  • A very wide variety of cakes on offer including sugar-free, eggless, and designer variants.
  • One of India’s largest online cake delivery networks to serve in every corner of India.
  • Same day delivery in 2 hours and under so that you don’t have to wait before binging on cakes.
  • Avail midnight delivery if you are having a surprise party and don’t want to spoil it. Fresh cakes delivered at midnight.
  • Use fixed time delivery if you want the cake to be delivered at a specific time. Perfect for friends who have long office hours.
  • 100% secure payment processing via Visa and MasterCard to ensure customer safety and privacy.
  • Cakes made by trustworthy and reputed local bakers only. Delivered fresh to your doorstep each time.
  • On time, hassle free delivery of other services too such as flowers and gifts.

Dedicated and trained customer support to handle customer queries and complaints without delay

Pack and Send Sweetness through Gifts
The royal city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, houses many cuisines and sweets. But nothing can ever replace the sheer joy of a delicious cake. If you have friends and relatives in Jaipur, it is time to surprise them by sending them their favorite cakes via our 24*7 hours cake delivery service in Jiapur.


Jaipur has only grown in splendor since the age of the Rajput royals. Every year, a new jewel is added to the already fabulously studded crown of Jaipur. Surely, as time passes on, Jaipur will leave an inedible mark on Indian history. This has only been possible due to its amazing people. The citizens of Jaipur are warm and friendly and welcome all guests with open arms. Giftzbag simply echoes the same ethos by facilitating cake delivery jaipur. It is an ode to the great culture and traditions of the region. The very act of giving symbolizes enlightenment according to our religion. So, brighten someone’s day by gifting them a cake online. Our cakes are special. They are handcrafted with great love and care to ensure that every bite melts right into your mouth. Go ahead. Order a cake online in Jaipur and relish its delicious taste.

GET CAKE DELIVERY IN JAIPUR ANY TIME OF THE DAYCakes are an essential part of all sorts of celebrations, from birthdays and parties to anniversaries and weddings. Every occasion warrants the presence of a cake. But as all the foodies believe, there should not be fixed days to feel the joy of tasting the chocolaty flavor of a cake. It can be enjoyed anytime, night or day. Giftzbag now offers midnight delivery as well as same-day delivery of your favorite cakes. It is simply so easy. With just a few clicks on your phone, you can order a gorgeous cake of any kind. We have black forest cakes, eggless cakes, fruit cakes, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, designer cakes as well as combo cakes. Surely, no celebration will ever remain incomplete now that you can use the online delivery of cake in Jaipur.

Freshly baked cakes can bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you have a friend who is sad and needs a little cheering up, then send him his favorite chocolate cake. If your best buddy just went through a terrible breakup, then a red velvet will do the trick of cheering her up. With such easy access to the best cakes in Jaipur, do not leave anything to chance. We provide top-notch quality assurance and only the tastiest cakes ever. Order one today and taste the difference.

Super Fast Cake Delivery in Jaipur – Why do you need to take a lot of time out of your busy schedules just to make a flower bouquet or cake? What if the cake is not tasty enough? What if the flower bouquet is not beautiful enough? Does your effort seem to be lost? We don’t think so you can book for Express Cake Delivery Jaipur; you send sweetness packed in a box. Not only you can order for Cake in Jaipur but you can also order for Flower Delivery in Jaipur at your doorstep.

What Do We Offer?

We consider ourselves as your one-stop solution for gift requirements; we pack happiness in the form of Gift Delivery in Jaipur. To save you from the hassles of collecting flowers from different locations and packing materials we also feature the best 24*7 Cake Delivery Jaipur. All you need is to place the order and we will customize it according to your specifications. You can refer to our catalog available on our website for further information. Because of the advanced technological setup available with us.

Because we have the best Florist in Jaipur, we believe that you could bring a smile on someone’s face; simply Send Flowers to Jaipur if you out of the city or in another city, we will send it for you.

Our Services

When you have a birthday party to organize or you want to surprise your spouse on your anniversary but you have no time then simply log into our website and make a Cake Order in Jaipur and the cake shall be delivered. In case you don’t want to send cake then we have another section where you can opt for Gift Delivery in Jaipur. You don’t need to worry about the delivery charges as it is all-inclusive and it won’t be very costly.

You can find Cakes in Jaipur at various locations but when it comes to our website we not only pack sweetness in box our executives also guide you for best Birthday Gifts.

Flowers are always beautiful, isn’t it? That is why you always want to give it to someone special and we will make it easy for you as you don’t need to go to any Flower Shop in Jaipur or Any Gift Shop in Jaipur. The same will be delivered to you by us and that too at your home or any address you want us to deliver to.

The Best Cake Shop in Jaipur can’t offer what we offer as those shops believing only in selling the cakes but we believe in building relationships with you that is why our Bakery in Jaipur adds a secret ingredient of love into your cakes. When you are looking for the Midnight  Cake Delivery Jaipur, then contact us as we deliver it at the last hour and customize the packing also.

The Other Benefits You Can Get From Us

24*7 Cake Delivery in Jaipur – The state of Rajasthan especially Jaipur is rich in handicraft work, when you think modern gifts don’t look special then you can click the Jaipur Handicrafts section and discover from the hundreds of variety the best one for your loved ones.

When you have a midnight surprise party for someone special we make it special as we take the order for the Midnight Cake Delivery Jaipur.

We are aware that many of us are purely vegetarian and so we also provide Eggless Cakes Delivery in Jaipur. We value your customs and traditions and that is why we have a separate section for the eggless cake. You can differentiate the eggless cake by simply looking at the green hallmark at the top right side of the box.

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