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2 ghoot pila de saathiya ?. Give your buddy the right bro vibe with Wine Bottle Cake. We know you are looking for a cake for your Wine loving friend and what else can be a better gift than gifting him a Cake with Wine designed on above the cake. This is all what he wants from you on his birthday. Keeping in mind the love of your friend for wine or beer or whiskey or maybe in all of them, we have designed these special Wine theme Cake, Beer Theme Cake, Cake with liquor bottle on top. This Wine Bottle Theme Cake has Wine Bottles on top of the cake so that it can remind you of the days where you drank together and had the Bro Vibe.

Our Famous Cake other than Wine Bottle Cake

Beer Mug Cake

Designed for Beer lovers, this cake has every minute details of beer Mug, all the way from Full Beer Mug to Foam on top of Beer Mug, and foam fallen on the ground. This Beer Mug Cake is our hot selling Beer Theme Cake.

Liquor Theme Cake

Keeping in mind Cake with liquor bottle on top, our bakers have artistically prepared this scrumptious Liquor theme cake. Chocolate flavored cake from inside and liquor bottles on top makes the cake pleasant to look at.

Jack Daniels Cake

How can we even think to miss this magnificent cake created by our bakers. This Jack Daniels Cake with Chocolate flavored cream packs a lot of calories. Jack Daniels Cake is loaded with Dark Chocolate, KitKat, Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, Blue Berries and Jack Daniels Bottle obviously.

These are some of our best selling Liquor/Alcohol theme cake for your Beer loving friend. Choose your cake from wide variety of Liquor Bottle Theme Cake and make the recipient’s day special and memorable. You can also customize your Wine Bottle Cake with us.

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