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Make your baby’s 1st birthday special

1st birthday cake

The day when you become a father or mother is the best day of anyone’s life. A small life will come into existence and make everyone happy with his/her presence. People have lots of plans when their first child completes 1 whole year and want to make his/her 1st birthday special.

So to make it special there are many things that you can do. By giving a birthday party for the small baby and making that day special. On that day your baby will turn into a one-year-old child and you have seen your baby’s changes every day.

Prepare for a perfect party

For preparing a perfect party you need to schedule everything. So first is the cake if you have a baby girl then order a Barbie cake. This will look really good and do all the necessary decoration in pink color which will give a great look.

But if you have a baby boy then order Chota bheem cake or any cake you want to relate to cartoons or cars. And decoration material should be in a blue color to give a boy look. This will be appreciated by your guest and also you will feel happy as it will be his/her 1st birthday.

You can tie a balloon on the wall and put some Choco chips or toffees in it. Also, give an invitation to all your guests, and the card color should also vary. A small and cute little card for the invitation will be awesome for the occasion. Wear the best dress on that day, as it is equally special for you and for the baby so wear something elegant.

Serve food which will make your guest crazy!

Either make or order something different and delicious. Don’t go for lots of food, just give variety and not more than 10 dishes. Add some spicy food, sweet dishes, and drinks if you like. You can offer food like salmon crostini, mini quiches, or any particular cuisine you like. And ask someone to click photographs on this special occasion so that this memory will never fade from your and your baby’s life.

You can write a letter to your baby and write that on their birthday so that they can open it when they get old as this time they will be very young to understand. This will be the best gift for your child when he/she will read your letters with love.

You can plant a tree

You can do this on your baby’s 1st birthday and that will be a beautiful gift for your child. As both of them will grow side by side. This will be a fresh start for your baby’s life and you can compare it every year. Just always remember to keep the party simple and elegant.

You can also organize some games for small babies so that everyone can enjoy their cuteness. And don’t forget to give return gifts to your guests. You can give small gifts like flower pots, or any child game that your guest will like.

At last, after the party, you can see all the photographs and the day will never be forgotten. Just don’t forget to have someone click photos of your baby, the games event that you have organized, and your guest’s photos. This will be beautiful as the birthday should go totally perfect so don’t think much before hiring any photographer. You can also order a doll cake just for your family and cut it after the party ends. Don’t forget to add balloons, toffees, and chocolates at your party to give a small baby party look. So pick any idea and make the day more special with little effort.

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