International Yoga Day 2021: Everything you need to know

International Yoga Day 2021: Everything you need to know

International Yoga DayInternational Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June every year. This year International Yoga Day will be observed on 21st June 2021 on Monday in India. The purpose of celebrating International Yoga Day is to increase awareness about the importance of Yoga and its effects upon human health. The theme for International Yoga Day 2021 is Yoga for well-being.

History of International Yoga Day:

The proposal of making International Yoga Day was put forward by current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 27th September 2014 in his speech at United Nations General Assembly. It was declared on 11th December 2014 that 21st June will be celebrated as International Yoga Day because of its significance in different parts of the world and being the longest day in the northern hemisphere. The First International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2015 with the theme “Yoga for Harmony And Peace” in 2015. Since then there has been new theme every year focusing on particular issues.

Ways to celebrate International Yoga Day in 2021:

Celebrating International Yoga Day in 2021 can seems to be hard for some people because of Covid-19 situation and people may want to skip celebrating it but we have got ways which can help you in celebrating yoga day during Covid pandemic. If you are all set to know then let’s keep reading.

Practice Yoga:

Practice YogaIf you are practicing yoga regularly then we do not need to tell you that you should practice yoga on this day because you already are aware of the benefits it brings to your body, mind, and soul. For the beginners who have not tried yoga ever they should try doing yogic exercise using any online class because it won’t be possible to experience offline for now. You will love the yoga session and you may even want to do yoga for whole life after experiencing it because it is that effective.

Cut the tech use:

Cut the tech use
If you truly want to celebrate Yoga Day in the best possible way, we would recommend you to take a day off from Tech use it may include not using the mobile or laptop for the complete day and connecting with your inner self. You may want to experience Yoga or Deep meditation or practice gratitude in place of using mobile. It will help you in connect on much deeper level with yourself, and will make you one step closer to yourself.

Enjoying Toothsome Cake:

Yoga Theme cakeYou may want to include cake for International Yoga Day India Celebration because in India no celebration is complete without a cake. And you can feast on toothsome cake without harming your body. How? Here is the way, you can choose sugar-free wheat flour cake, which will make your taste buds as well as your body happy. You can choose Yoga theme cake for your Yoga tutor or you can gift yourself a cake and choose online cake delivery in Indore for getting home delivery of toothsome cakes. Isn’t it great to get cakes delivered at your home without going out in this Covid pandemic at no extra cost?

These were some of the ways to celebrate Seventh International Yoga Day. We would want you to experience Yoga Day with full heart and full dedication so that you can fully reap the benefits of Yoga. Happy International Yoga Day in advance

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