How to make a Cake at Home? - Fruit Cake Recipe

How to make a Cake at Home?

How to make a Cake at Home?

Fruit Cake

First making a cake you should know about all the ingredients which will be used in your cake. As people sometimes don’t know the difference and add everything at the same time which is really wrong. So for cake basic ingredients are like all-purpose flour (only this flour should be used for making any type of cake) cornstarch if needed, eggs, sugar, baking powder or baking soda, a cocoa powder that can sweet or bitters it’s up to you or you can use both, oil or butter, and nuts like almonds or walnut for presentation.

First of all, there is a difference between two types of cocoa powder one is added into the batter that is the bitter one and another sweet cocoa is used for pouring it on the cake sponge. So use both things wisely not vice versa.

People also get confused about the difference between baking powder and baking soda. Both are used in the cake but what is the difference you should know.

Baking soda

It is basically a word as a leavening agent that is used in the baking process like for cakes, and muffins. In a scientific manner, it is sodium bicarbonate which is alkaline or basic in nature and white in color. It starts working when mixed with both acidic ingredients and also with liquid. And the product gets fluffy and becomes light in weight. That’s why it is used in cake to make it fluffy and rise but light in weight which looks good.

Baking powder

This is the complete leavening agent which has both the elements like base and acid to make the product rise and get light. It is used in cake to prevent the acid and base from activating at the time of storing. This reacts with the sodium bicarbonate which is baking soda and releases carbon dioxide when it gets combined or mixed with liquid. That’s why baking powder is mostly used as it reacts two times first with the liquid at room temperature and second at the time of heating.

So use baking soda when you are adding things like buttermilk or which are acidic in nature. And the baking powder is used when there is no typical use of acidic ingredients. You can also add both of them so they do their work side by side.

Now when you know the difference you can watch videos on how to make a cake or start with a basic one like a sponge cake or any other.

Start with a fruit cake recipe.

To make a fruit cake you will need 1/3 cup of raisins, ½ of butter, ½ cup of white sugar, ½ cup of cherries, 2 or 3 tbsp. of brandy, rum, Grand Marnier (if you don’t drink then it’s up to you want to add or not), 3 eggs, ½ tbsp. of vanilla extract, ¼ cup of almond extract, 1 ½ cup of all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp. of baking powder, ¼ tbsp. of salt, zest of one lemon, ¼ cup of milk.

Now in a bowl mix cherry, dark raisins, and almond extracts. Now slowly mix the alcohol and cover it and keep aside for 2 days. Now in a separate bowl mix flour, almonds, baking powder, salt, and lemon zest. And add butter, sugar, and eggs in the last. Now add candies if you want to and mix half in the flour batter and half with milk. And now pour the batter into a cake pan and bake for 60 to 70 min.

Lastly, check the cake first with a toothpick and then remove it after it gets cool. And you can prepare any type of cake like eggless chocolate cake or any cake by just following some simple steps.

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