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FRIENDSHIP DAY –Celebrate The Joy Of Friendship!

FRIENDSHIP DAY –Celebrate The Joy Of Friendship!

How many of us remember the friendships that transformed our lives? Along the journey of life, where the road is made of memories, each brick is laid by a friend. They have seen us grow and blossom into human beings that we never thought we could be. It is due to them that today we have so many happy memories etched in our minds. Friends come in many forms. From our peer circle and family to school, tuition, play grounds, and many other places. Humans have a tendency to group together with the people who seem most similar. The most special of these companions end up being our partners in crime for life.

Every August, on the first Sunday of the month, these relations are cherished and celebrated. Even though this tradition was christened in 2011, its history dates all the way back to 1919. In the autumn of 2011, the 65th session of the United Nations General Assembly declared 30th July as the International Day of Friendship. Before that Nane Annan, wife of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has declared Winnie the Pooh as the official friendship mascot. And even earlier, back in 1930, the Greeting Card National Association had tried to popularize 2nd August as Friendship Day as a marketing gimmick. While that campaign had utterly failed, the idea had taken root in people’s heads. It took 70 more years to give it its current form.

Friendship day is celebrated worldwide in various forms. South American and South East Asian nations lead the pack in terms of numbers and celebrations. Argentina and Paraguay use it as an excuse to convene in social gatherings and simply have a nice time hanging out with one another. They also party in nightclubs and bars, drink and make merry. After all friendships are all about making the choicest memories. In India and Bangladesh, this day is marked by the exchange of text greetings as well as friendship bands. Just like Friendship day, even the bracelets have a diverse history.

It is said that these gorgeous bracelets originated in Central America. Most of the bands were hand made especially for the closest of friends. And since each band required hard work, the recipient was considered very fortunate. It crystallized the love and bond between people, gave the relationship a sacred form, and endeared the two for life. The earliest bands used a knotting form known as Macrame, which is textile making technique that uses knotting instead of actual knitting. The recipient was deigned to wear the band until the very cords wore off and broke. Removing it any time before was considered an ill omen and effectively terminated the friendship. These bands have evolved over the years into mass produced plastic bands that can go for as cheap as INR 10 or as expensive as INR 10000. Many companies have tried to conserve the actual tradition of hand making the bracelets though they remain largely inconspicuous. So this year, make a positive change and make a band yourself watching online videos for help.

This article also includes a list of the different types of friendship bands available in the market so that the consumer can make a smart choice.


These are the closest relatives of the ancestral tradition of handmade bands. They are made using threads and knitted into beautiful patterns and colors. Every color can actually portray a different meaning such as red bands are a declaration of a secret crush while yellow bands show a friendly appreciation.


This is the perfect type of band for your girlfriend. After all the person you love is supposed to be your best friend, right? This can also be turned into a gorgeous gift with white pearls making the band look as if plucked from the stars.


Floral bands integrate the delicate petals of beautiful flowers into the bracelet. This can be done by design or knitting. Many bands also use amber to crystallize petals into pendants that are then used in bands. They’re simply breathtaking!


A popular option amongst boys who are looking to add an edge to their style quotient. Leather bands and amulets are not only perfect gifts, they are also fashionable for the modern youth.

The tradition of bracelets is more popular in schools and colleges than amongst adults. This can be attributed to the dying of friendships as we age and the individualistic mindset of adults. This year, let’s change this and revive old friendships. If bracelets seem childish, then having a party where people drink and get together can be a perfect idea. To celebrate this joyous occasion with cakes and flowers, use online cake delivery for hassle free delivery.

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