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Talking of Diwali celebrations, it is worth discussing the legends and practices associated with this most fantastic festival. There are different legends connected to Diwali. Depending on the region in India, three main legends are in vogue. This festival commemorates the killing of Ravana by Rama; Mahishasura by Mother Durga; or Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Perhaps the third is the most popular one among them. Therefore, this festival is a sort of celebrating the victory of good over the evil. Described as the festival of lights, lighting up lamps and arranging them in patterns in homes and temples are the top highlight of the event. The symbolism behind this practice seeks to dispel the darkness of ignorance with the light of wisdom.

The same tone of celebrating the victory with a high fanfare reflects in other activities of the festival namely having Ganga Snan or the sanctifying bath, performing Goddess Lakshmi Puja, wearing new dress, enjoying the delicacies of sweets and savouries, and bursting of crackers.

Though Diwali celebrations have undergone a significant amount of change over the years with a great degree of modernism and commercialization entering the festival, the underlying message remains the same.


Perhaps spending on Diwali celebration is one of the major chunks of the budget in Hindu families. The obvious reason to this seems to be the essential portfolio of the festival consisting of puja materials, new dress, sweets and crackers. Without these things, Diwali celebrations are rather considered incomplete. In fact, most families resort to taking loans to accommodate the expenses connected to the event. Usually, both the government and private organizations give Diwali bonus to their employees enabling them spend it on the festival. However, ultimately the comparison that goes in between the families of relatives and friends further boosts up the spending on the various items of the said portfolio. In most cases, the head of the family is forced to stretch beyond the limits to accommodate the wishes, whims and fancies of every member in the family. On the whole, Diwali remains to be a great occasion for families to get together and make merry.

Don’t do these things this Diwali, starting now!

We always pray to Goddess Laxmi during Diwali —- however, do you know that apart from doing everything right on Diwali, there are things that you should not do as well?

Not doing these things

Apart from all that is auspicious this Diwali, are a few things that are considered inauspicious as well —- here are things that you should absolutely not do this Diwali.

Don’t get up late

Even though you should get up early everyday, on Diwali day, it is especially auspicious to wake up early, preferably before sunrise — those who keep on sleeping till late on Diwali will not be blessed with the divine blessings of Laxmi.

Don’t insult your elders

Again, you should not insult your elders no matter what day it is, however on Diwali, you should make an extra effort to be nice to your parents and other elder persons in the house. Make sure that you do something special for them today.

Don’t keep the house dirty

This one is a no-brainer. You should always keep your house clean during the Diwali week. Make sure that your house smells great this Diwali and there is no garbage lying around.

Don’t get angry

It is considered very inauspicious to shout or get angry on Diwali — make sure that you keep your temper under control on Diwali and are nice to everyone around you.


Don’t sleep in the evening

Apart from the fact that you are sick or you are pregnant, one should not sleep in the evenings — while an afternoon nap is still okay, sleeping in the evening, especially during Diwali leads to poverty and distress.

Don’t do drugs

It is said that on Diwali, any sort of drug abuse such as smoking and alcohol should be avoided. It is said that doing this makes the Goddess Laxmi very angry. Now, let us learn about a few things that you should do on Diwali.

Sukt paath

On Diwali, everyone should do a shri sukt paath and if possible, should also do a havan at home.

Asking for health

Most of us ask for wealth from Goddess Laxmi, however we all should also ask for wealth from Goddess Laxmi — she is goddess of health, wealth and prosperity.

Puja to ward off evils

If you need to conduct a puja to ward off “evil eye” from your life, you should do so from 23:30 to 2:30am on the night of Diwali. Read on to know how you should do that.

The process

If you have someone in the family who is going through a lot of problems, then do this. Take some red chillies and encircle them around the troubled person while he is sitting for 7 times — this will solve all his/her problems.

In the bonfire

When done, put these chillies in a bonfire and don’t turn to look back — to avoid irritating your eyes, do so in a secluded place.

A year’s problem

Make sure that when you do the same, you should not be sleepy and should do it with a lot of devotion — doing so in the right way will drive away your problems for a year.

Tulsi leaves

Alternatively, you can take a few twigs of Tulsi leaves, wrap them in a white cloth and make the troubled person wear it around their arm. This will drive away all their problems.


Chant this mantra

On the day of Diwali, you should chant the mantra, “om dum durgaaye namaha”. This apart, for better dealings in business, you should chant the mantra “om hun” for 1008 times.

Write it down

After you chant the mantra, write it down on a piece of paper. Keep it at your workplace and soon, your life will get better.

Black seeds

Also take some black sesame seeds and some wheat grains and throw them into a pious fire while you are doing havan at home — this will bring in health and prosperity.

Satvic foods

On the day of Diwali, try to have satvic food once in a day so as to please the Gods. Keep your lunch as simple and satvic, while dinner can be a lavish feast.

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