Cake Decoration Ideas - Icing | Layering | Garnishing & much more

Cake Decoration Ideas – Icing | Layering | Garnishing & much more

Cake Decoration IdeasMaking a cake at home is a fun thing and you will learn many things. People get stuck from where they should start. So first thing is that you should collect all the basic ingredients and plan your strategy from start to end. Like if you want to make a cake in cooker or in the oven this all depends on you. If you practice more and more you can even open your own shop and take orders. Making a cake is a really beautiful practice and you will love it. You don’t have to spend money outside you can make your own design and decorate accordingly. Just always take care of the baking time and amount of ingredients you are adding. You can watch tutorials before making one and start exploring. And the main thing that comes first is the presentation of your cake and then its taste. You can follow some best cake decoration ideas mentioned below and you can apply:

Creative cake decoration ideas

You can make types of cakes by using so many tricks this all depends upon your creativity that you can apply.

  • So first you can make a fruit cake by using different nuts like almond or walnut. You can decorate the top of the with them
  • Second the main thing is you should have a frosting icing piping bag to decorate or you can make one by using poly bags or any transparent sheet and roll it into a cone. Then cut the tip accordingly and fill with the cream.
  • You can use a different color of frosting on your cake which will give a rainbow look
  • You can use a fork on the top of the cake so that it will look different
  • You can use the chocolate powder by dusting it on the cake in any shape you want.
  • Piping nozzles are the best thing as they come in different shapes which you can apply and make your own different look on the cake.
  • You can also make shapes by using chocolate and then stick them on the top of the cake.

These are some of the basic ideas you can use while decorating your cake at home and give it a different look. You can also cut the sponge edges according to yourself and make it a heart shape. There are many ideas to make types of cakes.

After this, you can also sell them if you get better and people will appreciate your effort. As it will be not costly and you will earn as well. You can also offer some discount coupons in the starting so that your sale can boost up and you can attract more and more people easily. By this you can open your bakery shop, as people love to have a cake which is not costly and tastes awesome.

 How can you earn more in this pandemic?

This period is the best for you as you can sell more and more because people are home and can spend their money easily. People are celebrating their occasion at home so you can offer a family cake for getting together, cakes for children or an anniversary. There are many ideas that you can use. You can earn more if you do something different by just using simple cake decoration ideas. People will love to see your uniqueness and go for that. This pandemic you can learn and earn as well, and this time will never come back. So make different cakes and make another day more special with your creativity.

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