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Top 25 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Online

For the good times and in the bad, your loved one has always stood by your side and been there for you. To reciprocate the same feeling of support and immense love, if you are also looking for inspirations to follow for his upcoming birthday, you are at the right place because Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend is an easy task said no woman ever!

For most girls and women, it has always been a daunting task to choose good birthday gifts for boyfriend. It puzzles the mind and leaves you in a haywire because contrary to the gifts for women, the options of gifts for men are limited and you can’t really try innovative ideas. Also, it’s difficult to decide on which option to choose and whether he will like it or not without exceeding the budget and working within the stipulated time frames. In a quest to find the latest best birthday gifts for boyfriend online, girls often end up being numb and picking the old-school ideas. This process of choosing gifts for boyfriend on his birthday comes with a feeling of stress, anxiety & self-realisation that you have been giving the same things to him on almost every occasion.

But making the gifts for boyfriend birthday unique is not as difficult and as dilemmatic as it sounds if you go through our list of some awe-inspiring birthday gift ideas for boyfriend mentioned below. Read on and decide for yourself as to which one would you want to pick. Enumerated below is a list of gift ideas for boyfriend, from fancy outsourced ones to customised DIY Birthday gifts, from expensive to as inexpensive as possible, from decorative to products of utility and from experiences to tangible things, we have got it all covered.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Romantic Birthday Gifts for BoyfriendRomantic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

  • A Candle Light Dinner-

A Candle Light Dinner

If you want to gift him an experience, nothing could go better than a relaxing candle light dinner by the pool, or at his favourite location, or at a place where he wanted to go from so long, or at a trending new place. Many renowned cafes and star rating restaurants have set candle light dinner packages in Jaipur which you can opt to avoid the hassle of planning. These packages have fixed menu for two and some places even include cakes and bouquets at such affordable prices and hence amount to be one of the best gifts for boyfriend on his birthday. To explore the options and avail great discounts, you can check-out booking apps as well as websites like which provide customised candle light packages in Jaipur. Book it here at a normal restaurant or book an exclusive dinner date for boyfriend at a star rating hotel.

  • A Couple Spa-

A Couple Spa

If both of you are working professionals and don’t really get time to spend together as well as to relax and rejuvenate, you must plan a spa day for him and yourself. Just to spill the beans, guys love such gestures; take our word on it girl! You can contact a nearby spa and pre-book a spa appointment for your boyfriend and yourself. This would come as one of that special surprise Birthday gifts for boyfriend which he will truly enjoy. If you don’t want to go out, here’s how you can book a spa for home.

  • Midnight Cake Surprise-

Midnight Cake Surprise

Despite the fact that this is one of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend, we often miss on planning a midnight surprise for him because of many factors like the risk of sneaking out of the house in the midnight, collecting resources like cakes and all, and then, facing the awkwardness of being at his place (not all parents are cool with relationships right). To get you through all of this and still woo him with a midnight surprise, you can pre-book it with various platforms out there. They will do it just the way you like it and he will love it. For further assistance, you can book it here.

  • A Weekend Getaway-

A Weekend Getaway

This one tops the list of most refreshing and evergreen Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend ideas. This is because who doesn’t like a weekend out, away from the everyday hassle and chaos, right? You can book a resort or hotel in your city or outside and go on a trip with him. Pro tip- You can pre-check with the hotels if they have any birthday surprise package or birthday decoration which you can get done in advance for him. On the trip, explore the local culture together. It is evidently true that you get to know more about a person when you are on a trip with him/her. So, this can be a good idea for the health of relationship too.

  • Proposal on Knees-

Proposal on Knees

Being the modern-day woman that you are, if you want to break the stereotype and be the one to pop the question first, organise a surprise for him at a picturesque location and it will be the most beautiful gift from a list of Best birthday gifts for boyfriend. All you got to do is arrange a “Will You Marry Me” banner, pre-plan the location and the lunch, brunch or dinner that follows, have ring, gifts, cake and bouquet ready. If the budget allows, add more to the celebrations with live musicians and a photographer. You can also ask your friends for help because one, there’s a lot that has to be managed; and two, friends have always been there throughout the relationship then why not today (such an important day). If not that, you can also take professional help and leave everything on them. The only thing that you will have to worry about then will be how you will do the talking and that adrenaline rush in your veins. Top-notch decorations and planning will be handled by the team. Another interesting way to do this is a flash mob performance. The trend of the modern times, dancing amidst a flash mob in the public seems like the perfect way to express your feelings and propose to your boyfriend on his birthday.

DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • A Video Message with your True Feelings –

To take him on a ride down the memory lane, compile all your extempore videos from the past, the unfiltered ones, the funny funs, the emotional ones, amalgamate them all and make a melange of memories to cherish forever. Both of you could re-live your good old time spent together and be nostalgic about your precious bond. Another way can be to record a fresh video for him. Enact a funny scene on the video or share your deep feelings about him which you wouldn’t say otherwise. Just speak your heart out without shying away about your feelings. Include good pictures of you two with lovely quotes. Believe us; this is going to be so good. This is one of those Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend that requires no money at all and will make your birthday wishes more special and unique. You can make this delightful birthday video using your phone’s camera and then edit it on one of the various apps with present themes available out there. You can wake him up at midnight with this surprise playing on laptop or TV screen or share this video on his Facebook timeline for some good old PDA ;).

  • Make Use of your Skills-

Every girl has a creative side and there are chances that you must be good at any one things. This is the time when you show the skill in order to give your loved one a gift to cherish forever. This skill can be calligraphy (write a letter or write his name), singing or playing any musical instrument (dedicate a song to him either live or record a video), sketching or painting (make an artwork for him), crafty (make DIY cards), sewing or knitting, cooking or baking (make his favourite meal) etc. Let the skill be any, dig it out and use it as an advantage for planning DIY Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend which are easy as well as within your reach. These are few examples of how utilising your skills will get him a unique birthday gift.

  • Surprise in the Car-

Surprise in the Car

If you own a car or have an easy access to his car, you can decorate the car trunk beautifully with a trail of Polaroid photographs on the opening, gifts, cake and bouquet placed inside with balloon and ribbon decoration. You can park the car at a nice location, turn on the music and take him to the trunk for a flabbergasting surprise. The efforts will make him sweep off his feet and fall in love with you, even more. This surprise in the car is our top pick for DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend.

  • Evoke his 5 Senses-

This creative best birthday gifts for boyfriend will truly evoke his all 5 senses of Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound. All you got to do is collect necessary supplies like 5 carry bags, Tags with the names of senses written on it to stick on the bags, a blind fold, and things like a touch screen device if fits in your budget or a soft squishy thing for touch, a box of candies for taste, his favorite fragrance for smell, a book or series or app subscription for sight and his favourite music collection or a voice note for sound. You can do it blindfolded and ask him to guess about what’s in the bag. To make it funny, put in stale fruits for the smell, slime for touch, any bitter sour flavour for taste, a scary sound for sound, and a weird picture for sight. In both the cases, keep the most exciting pack for the end.

Prepare a Unique “Our Love Story” Chart-

This one is from handmade birthday gift ideas for boyfriend and is so easy to make and yet so special. Take a chart paper and using your creativity, decorate it with a space left for writing things like important dates of your relationship (because boys are bad at keeping a note), or your special memories and moments. This will totally depend on you and how you see your relationship. This will be a true reflection of your relationship and hence,it the way you want to.

Creative Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Creative Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

  • Break the Stereotypes-

This basically means do what you usually don’t do or vice versa and this will be one of those different & creative Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend. If every year, you buy him a shirt of your choice as a birthday gift, this time, take him out for shopping and let him choose for himself. This way, he’ll be able to get what he likes and you will not have to worry about whether it will suit him or not and the fitting and all. Else, if you already follow this, this time, buy a shirt for him all by yourself. Here, your past shopping errands will help a lot as you already know his preferences.

  • Thoughtful Gifts for Boyfriend-

Thoughtful Creative Gifts for Boyfriend

For perfect Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, gift him a living being like a Pup if he’s a dog person, a fish if he’s lazy but still can take good care of this peaceful creature, plants that requires low maintenance like bonsai succulents and other things like that. A dream catcher or gifts of religious values are also some of the thoughtful gifts that work as best birthday gifts for boyfriend. You can also pay a visit to a temple or church or any holy place as a good start to the day if he is religious kind.

  • Be his Obedient Girl-

For a day; say yes to everything he asks for- If you are the one who is bossy in this relationship, you can be his obedient girl for a day. Honestly, he will start loving you and your dominance more after this, so yay, brownie points earned. This is one of the most inexpensive birthday gifts for boyfriend which is creative too. Comment down below if you followed this one of the cheap and best birthday gifts for boyfriend and how far could you go with it? 😉

  • Movie Marathon or a Gaming Night-

Netflix and chill is a real thing and he can be the happiest with a set up to cuddle and watch back to back movies with you. Best birthday gifts for boyfriend DIY option are one like this because you can totally plan it all by yourself. Choose the ones that interest you both and you will have a great time together. Pair it with unlimited supply of popcorns and his favourite grab on snacks. You can also replace this with a gaming night on the play station. Additionally, if he is not into video gaming, you can take him for his favourite adventure activities or to his favourite play zone for bowling and all.

  • Make him Meet the Family-

This can be done in two ways. One, if he is living away from his family due to any official or personal reason, you can make him go there on the weekend before or after the birthday. Also, if he wants to take things forward, you can also invite him over for a dinner with your family and parents. This one is totally based on your personal call depending upon your own situation and your understanding with the respective families. Completely avoid this if your family doesn’t like him much as of now or there’s something happening between him and his side of the family that you shouldn’t interfere in. But if you want to take the relationship forward, do opt for this as one of the 10 Best birthday gifts for boyfriend (As per our popular poll).

Cute Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Cute Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

  • Room Makeover-

If you guys live together, does he constantly complaint about you being messy or why is there too much pink or other girly stuff in the room, or about him getting less space? Solving this would be one of the cutest birthday gifts for the boyfriend and will come as the biggest surprise to him. Give the room a fresh vibe, even if he doesn’t have any of the complaints, he would still like the freshness. So what are you waiting for? Try this one of the Cute DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend.

  • Buy him the Electronics/ Devices of his Choice-

This idea is cute because a girl taking interest in the tech world of IT stuff, speakers, headphones, games etc. sounds really attractive to men. More than that, knowing the fact that you are not into all of these things and you still went all the way to buy his favourite tech-related stuff will make him go aww. This idea is more practical too than the clichéd ones. Some stores/websites even give the option of home-delivery hence you can get birthday gifts delivery easily for this option.

  • A Goodie Basket with all Things Heart-Shaped-

Although hearts are too over-rated but it is undeniably true that when you are in a romantic relationship, you can truly resonate to the hearts. Since boys are not much into lovey dovey decorations and if you are not good at handmade birthday gifts for boyfriend, what you can do is pick a basket, place a cake in it (preferably red velvet), a red rose bouquet, handmade chocolate, squishy pillow with customised picture of you two, and a gift box but the twist is, everything has to be heart shaped.  We have another exciting suggestion which is placing a gift box inside the cake and he will be surprised to the core when he’ll find out.

  • Throw a House Party with his Bunch of People in it-

Keep this on your list of top 10 best birthday gifts for boyfriend because guys love house parties with unlimited food, and not to mention rounds of drinks. When intermingled with calling his friends over, music, and birthday decorations, he is just going to call it one of his favourite birthday nights. Especially if he is a party-guy, this plan can be your perfect resort. You can get the birthday decorations for boyfriend done from here.

  • Plan a Professional Photo Shoot-

Plan a Professional Photo Shoot

Capture the memories and the moments with a photo-shoot of you two at picturesque locations. This is important because the time once gone will never back but at least you will have pictures and videos to look back to. All you need to do is talk to a good team and they will look after everything as per your convenience. Also, if handmade birthday present for boyfriend using photographs is your thing but you don’t have good pictures together, this idea will come to your rescue for sure. You just need to dress up well in your best attires and they will take care of everything else. To book a professional photo shoot for boyfriend in Jaipur, a heritage city with exotic picture perfect locations, click here.

Handmade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Handmade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

  • Reasons Why I Love You Card-

Reasons Why I Love You Card

This card is all about telling him about what all do your find interesting, attractive, or lovable about him. This card is really easy to make with just a few basic supplies. You can put in n number of reasons or choose to tell him about 50 / 100 / His age / any other number or reasons. He will not stop blushing while reading each one of these. Also, this one is one of those birthday gifts for boyfriend under rs 100.

  • A Task/Wish Jar-

A Wish Jar

If you prefer making birthday gifts for boyfriend, this one is really easy and interesting too. In a mason jar, add around 30-50 chits on which some of his wishes are written which you can fulfil like Make a dinner for him, take him on a movie date, spend a whole day with him, bring him his favourite sweet etc. etc. Either he will pick one wish every day for a month or let the time frame or number of chits be as per what you like. It’s really easy to make such kind of Creative homemade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend and hence, we can say that this option is effortless and classic.

  • A Card with Candies-

A Card with Candies

This is one of the sweetest ways (literally, because chocolates) to express your true feelings to him. Also, this gift for boyfriend on birthday has higher innovation quotient and you can quickly do it, all by yourself. This card is a way through which you can not only just give him good chocolates but also convey your messages to him. He will first enjoy reading the letter and then relish the chocolates. To make such Homemade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, you can begin with a message and then replace some words with the synonym chocolate names to make it either romantic or funny. For example, for the line “The perks of having you in my life”, you can add perk; for the line “My world orbits around you”, you can add orbit. Get these chocolates from a shop nearby, a chart paper, pens and a double sided tape. Rewrite the message on the chart with spaces left for chocolates. Stick the chocolates in it and voila.

  • Customized Chocolate Box-

Customized Chocolate Box

To overdose him with the sweetness of your love and plan a few cute Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, you can also include a handmade chocolate box to your list. After all who doesn’t like chocolates? The liking for the flavors can be different as it is purely based on the preference, but everyone surely enjoys relishing some sweets. Nonetheless, we are not talking about the normal chocolates. You can order special custom chocolate boxes and also can customize the shape and add a message on them. This would be perfect as love message + Chocolates = Happy Him!

  • Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend with his Photographs-

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend with his Photographs

If you want to include his printed photos in the gifts, you can get a photo bouquet, photo keychain, photos placed in the shape of his name initial, a pencil sketch, a card with photos, photo t-shirt, photo mug, photo diary and a hell lot. Some of these can be Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend, handmade with love and some you will have to get done from shops. But this will definitely be a customised gesture which he will love a lot.

How Good Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Add Value in a Relationship-

When two people are in a committed relationship, they share the kind of bond that is beyond words. They love each other till infinity and beyond and could do anything to keep each other happy and content. All they could think of is how to make each other feel special and loved and how to add value to each other’s life, sometimes as a lover, sometimes as a friend and sometimes as a mentor.

If you could relate to all these things and a name is popping in your head, my friend, you are truly in love with him or her.

Passion, love, care and affection with a lot of respect for each other’s preferences is what is necessary to keep the relationship going. It is said that relationships, that are strong enough, doesn’t require further efforts and planning, but the truth is, when someone is in a relationship, to keep the spark alive, gestures of love every now and then matters a lot.

Sometimes you really don’t expect your near and dear ones (family and friends) to plan something for you but you always expect this from your other half.

Take our word on this; it is true for both men and women. It’s not like men being strong and practical doesn’t like to be pampered and treated with surprises. A gift is nothing but a gesture of love, an epitome of efforts, and a sign that makes the other person feel important and loved. Especially, this is why it is evident that planning birthday gifts for boyfriend long distance relationship can bring back the lost spark because this way, you guys can stay together and feel secured about having each other in life, no matter how much the distance is.

So Girl, what are you waiting for, start planning a surprise for him already!

It’s your guy’s special day and you haven’t Birthday Gift Ideas for boyfriend anything yet?

Planning creative ideas is not your forte but you really wish to surprise your man with superb birthday gifts for boys?

Contact Giftzbag Jaipur and get birthday gifts delivery in Jaipur.

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