Traditionally, women have always perplexed men. We fail to understand their complex emotions, ‘always on the sleeves’ feelings, and mood swings. But we also cannot replicate their unconditional love, generosity, and mental strength. God created them with the perfect combination of power and love.  We, men, are lucky to have them in our lives and should be grateful. Since we cannot thank God for his miracle, we can at least treat the women in our life with love and respect.

Read on to find gift ideas for all women you love easily delivered to your doorstep using our online gift delivery in Jaipur and other cities.


The single most important person in our life, akin to god for all, is our mother. She has withstood the hottest fires of fate to keep us safe and happy. You don’t necessarily need a special occasion to make her happy. Gift her the multi layered orchid bouquet to show her your appreciation. Add a hand crafted clay idol of Lord Ganesha painted in vibrant colors to show her your respect. Order both of these online now using our online gift delivery service!


Marriages are made in heavens and so are our beautiful wives. Traditionally revered as home makers, they have taken on multiple roles in the modern era. Multi-tasking between house work, kid’s homework, and her job, makes it seem as if she has 4 hands. She can read your mind very well but she will never be able to anticipate this wonderful surprise. A midnight balloon bonanza! Let our experts decorate your living room with ribbons and colorful balloons at midnight. Your wife can let her hair down for once and feel like a child again.


She is the life of the house and rightly so. She is the only person in the world who can lighten your mood after a hard day’s work. Even though your shoulders hurt you let her climb atop you and play. And why not? She is your little princess after all. Her birthday needs to be made super special. Surprise her at midnight with a quaint Barbie doll princess cake, covered in the most dainty pink frosting. Liven up the place with a special balloon arrangement. Gift her a pack of her favorite silk chocolates and watch her as she licks off each wrapper. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


She is supposedly the most annoying person in the universe. She teases you relentlessly and keeps bickering over small things. You two can never decide who gets the TV remote. You two can never seem to divide chocolates equally in half. You hate her guts. But you can’t imagine life without her. Only a funny gift will do justice to your relationship. What’s the best way to show that you care albeit in a hysterical way? Pictures! Order a photo bouquet online from us filled the most hilarious pictures of her childhood. Add a personalized coffee mug complete with the most memorable picture of you two together.


You were at your lowest point in life when you found her. She held you when you were sad. Picked you up when you fell. Your girlfriend certainly has a big role to play in your life. And don’t you simply adore her? Her smile, dimpled cheeks, fluttering eyes make your knees go weak. Now is the perfect time to portray your love for her. Book a roof top candle light dinner at a 5 star restaurant with us. Take her for a walk in the moonlight by the poolside. Rent a room in the same hotel for the night and spend the night with her. You can also arrange for your room to be decorated with rose petals and balloons. Don’t leave any stone unturned on her special day.


Did we save the best for last? Many would say so. How can we ever let go off our best friend. We can call her names and have petty fights but once the day is over she is the one we always call. With promises of always being by each other’s sides you cemented your friendship. Remember how she would listen to you cry for hours at end after your messy break up? How she helped you pass all those surprise tests at college? This is the perfect time to thank her for being there. Gift her a box of Gulab Jamuns symbolizing the bitter sweet relationship you share with her. Add a bouquet of her favorite chocolates along with a bunch of 25 tantalizing long stemmed red roses. After this gesture she will never leave your side ever.

Choosing gifts can be difficult if one is not really aware about the other person’s likes and dislikes. Remove all the guess work by using our online gift delivery service in Jaipur and other cities.

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