We are happy to inform you that bakers are taking all the necessary step to avoid the corona virus spread. Giftzbag has taken all the important steps for the health and safety of employees and customers, we have also taken necessary action to ensure the safe production and supply of our products to all our customers across Jaipur city.

1. Focus On Awareness

It is indeed very effective in action, it emphasize on social distancing and we have also limited the number of customers inside and outside our shop by the use of communication banners on the door and every possible place to indicate the maximum of people and about mandatory precautions while inside our shop.
2. Our Initiative

we have started an initiative which promotes contact less payment as the cash payment can cause the spread through physical contact. we have set up a separate booth for payment through online payment via apps and cards. Our bakery has started service of free delivery and all safety measure are considered while delivering the goods.
3. Safe Working Place
we have instructed some rules to workers which helps in creating a safe environment for all the customer.

a). Wash your hands frequently with soap to disinfect and sanitize them.
b). Avoid touching products with hands and instead use serving tongs and hygiene gloves.
c). we have created sufficient space for entry and exit flow in the workplace to avoid any physical contact.
d).We have focused that both employee and customers stay one meter apart.

4. Measurement taken while preparing food
We have ensure that wrapping and packaging used for food transport is done so that contamination of the food is prevented and timely evaluation of facility to identify and apply operational changes in order to maintain social distancing
Increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces such as counters and door knobs and also the use of hot water instead of chemicals for sanitation.


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