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Giftzbag is an Indian gift portal which is provide you online cake delivery in India, online flower delivery in India, birthday cake online delivery services at your doorstep and try to spread some happiness in all over India.

Free Home Delivery within 4-5 Hours All Over Rajasthan .3,254 Gift Ideas for your friends, family &Loved One.

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A celebration is never complete without gratifying your dear ones with something sweet and delicious.

Heart Shape Pinata CakeQuick View
Rated 4.00 out of 5
2,099.00 1,750.00
Chocolate Pinata CakeQuick View
Rated 4.75 out of 5
2,150.00 1,799.00
Round Pinata CakeQuick View
Rated 3.50 out of 5
2,149.00 1,849.00
Pinata Cake OnlineQuick View
Rated 4.75 out of 5
2,100.00 1,800.00


Online Flowers  delivery | Order Flowers  online in India | – Free Shipping

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Online cake delivery | Order cake online in India | – Free Shipping

Online Cake Delivery, Send Online Cake, Flowers And Gifts Across India!

When you want to show love, affection, and care to someone you are welcome to Giftzbag, a one-stop destination for all your gifts requirements. Buy Gifts Online, online cake delivery from us as we have gifts for all kind of emotions that you want to express through the means of gifts. For us the price is not important what is important is that you make the other happy and the smile on your loved one’s face is priceless for us. It is not always possible for you to go and buy someone a gift and on that moment, our wide range of delivery chain could be very helpful for you. Buy Online Gifts from us and in addition, you get the benefit of having the Online Gifts Delivery at your place or at the place of your loved ones for all occasions.

Due to the advanced technology development and secured payment systems the Gift Items Online Shopping has become a necessity of this industry and because of our quick processing system, our customers are very much satisfied with our work culture.

You might worry that if you Send Gifts Online it might take you days or even months then you need to put those thoughts aside as we promise the Same Day Delivery, we even promise the delivery of the same within few hours if they are within local limits and subject to other conditions, if applicable.

Do we deliver fresh cakes and flower?

As an Online Gift Shop, we offer a wide range of products and one of those includes Gift Cards that is the easiest and convenient way to show your love. Whether it is flowers or chocolates or any expensive gift items you can not only you can buy them from us but you can Send Gifts to someone close also and surprise them. As you know sharing is caring when you share love it magnifies so we have committed ourselves to the service of Gift Delivered Same Day which is our small contribution in the caring process.

In general all Online Gift Store offers you a variety of gifts for different occasions that you can personalize according to your needs; whether it is someone’s birthday tomorrow or your anniversary today or any special occasion. But through us you can even customize the delivery date while booking your gift you can mention at the site whether it is Same Day Delivery Gift or Next Day Delivery Gift.

A connection is very important and the connection is the very thing that drives us to move forward in life. So when you Send Gifts, we get a responsibility through Online Gift Delivery system that we have to ensure that this connection remains strong all the time. When you need to walk a long distance in life relations always save you and prevent you from stumbling, Send Gift Online through us to show your gratitude towards them; as a matter of fact, one form of showing love is gratitude.

Stationed at Far Locations, just click Giftzbag

Love and affection don’t understand the boundaries of the countries; it stays there with you and your loved ones. If you are out of India, then just log into our website and you can Send Gifts to India so that you don’t let someone to miss you or you don’t miss a special occasionas we give the facility to send Gifts to India. We have tie-ups with the Indian Gift Portals to help you send the gifts as Indian Gifts so that your loved ones always bath in the bliss of your love and care.

You might also feel that when you send Online Gifts to India, you have to pay more and in that step, you don’t take any step further, here where you are wrong because we as Online Gift Shop isn’t that expensive as you think us to be. So don’t hesitate to send Online Gifts in India. You could buy Cheap Gifts Online from us but they become priceless when they put a smile on their loved ones.


Giftzbag is just not an online Gift Shop, It is a Solution to your Gifting Needs

Surveys have found, not less than 50% of the people that receive the gifts in India don’t always love the gift that they receive. So we being Best Online Gift Sites not only Send Gifts to India but also help you with research to understand what does the recipient wants. In comparison to men, surveys also say women look for something special, thus we as the best Online Gift Shopping Sites offer them with a team with whom you can consult so that you can find the best gift you are looking for even at the last hour and we promise Online Gifts Delivery in One Day.

Online Gift Shopping has way too many benefits; that’s true. Through us what you are actually doing, is that you are not only buying Online Gifts in India and sending those Gifts to India Online; you are actually manifesting your love and emotions into physical form thereby making us as a part of your family.

When you have young kids and they miss you a lot because you need to work abroad; they always want you there on their birthday, you can become their real-life hero by taking a step to come to us. Parents know better what’s good for their children, so click the best gift for them and thus by Sending Gifts in India, you make them feel loved and adorable. The happiness on their face and your face are priceless when they send you the pictures or videos of them holding your gifts, they actually make you feel that you are their all-time real-life hero. Not only children, you can be the real-life hero for all those people who love you and you love them by this service where you Send Gifts in India.


For us Online Gifting is just not a business; it is actually a way through which we take the pleasure in earning a slight amount of your happiness and your love by ensuring to take care of the happiness of your loved ones whether or not you are present with them in person. The love and emotions from you for them will always be delivered and that that memory of happiness shall always be etched in your heart and that of your loved ones forever.


Which cities of India are served by Giftzbag for cakes delivery?

Not all cities of India Provide the variety of cakes that giftzbag provide. But even after these hardships we strive to provide cake delivery in 200 cities of India. So that your order always accompany delicious cakes to cheer up moments. Out of 200 cake delivery cities following are some prominent cities of India where we are providing cake delivery services.

Send  Online Cake to Bangalore Send  Online Cake to Hyderabad Send  Online Cake to Pune Send  Online Cake to Delhi
Send  Online Cake to Kolkata Send  Online Cake to Panjab Send  Online Cake to Mumbai Send  Online Cake to Gurgaon
Send  Online Cake to Ahmedabad Send  Online Cake to Chandigarh Send  Online Cake to Jaipur Send  Online Cake to Lucknow
Send  Online Cake to Noida Send  Online Cake to Patna Send  Online Cake to Dehradun Send  Online Cake to Ranchi



Which cities of India are served by Giftzbag for Flowers delivery?

Not all cities of India Provide the variety and freshness of the flowers that giftzbag provide. But even after these hardships we strive to provide flowers delivery in 200 cities of India. So that your order always accompany beautiful flowers to cherish those moments. Out of 200 flower delivery cities following are some prominent cities of India where we are providing flower delivery services.

Send  Online Flowers to Bangalore Send  Online Flowers to Hyderabad Send  Online Flowers to Pune Send  Online Flowers to Delhi
Send  Online Flowers to Kolkata Send  Online Flowers to Chennai Send  Online Flowers to Mumbai Send  Online Flowers to Gurgaon
Send  Online Flowers to Ahmedabad Send  Online Flowers to Chandigarh Send  Online Flowers to Jaipur Send  Online Flowers to Lucknow
Send  Online Flowers to Noida Send  Online Flowers to Patna Send  Online Flowers to Dehradun Send  Online Flowers to Ranchi




Anniversary Black Forest Cake 20 red roses Printed Mugs
Birthday Red velvet cake 25 mixed roses Romantic Gifts
Valentine’s Day Vanilla cake 10 purple orchids Traditional gifts
Surprise Red velvet heart-shaped 10 yellow lilies Personalized Pillow

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