2019 Cake Trends you will Love- Birthday, Anniversary Cake Trends

2019 Cake Trends you will Love

2019 has brought freshness when it comes to the cake styles and now you can even complement the cake with gifts Delivery in Jaipur and order online cake delivery in Ajmer according to your convenience. Here are the cake trends of 2019 that you are bound to love:

Moroccan Prints

Moroccan Prints Cake

The Moroccan boho flair has become highly popular among the people over the past few years and will still continue to be among the favorites. The quatrefoil designs are highly elegant and look amazing on cakes. These can be applied with bold colors on neutral-colored cakes to stand out. You can ask for midnight cake delivery in Jodhpur if you love this style.

Abstract Style

Moroccan Prints Cake

Abstract cakes are a perfect combination of controlled messiness and color burst, which make them another choice of this year. This particular trend is simple yet appealing, and you just need a palette knife and buttercream to do the magic. You can get this cake with flower delivery in Kota.

Hand-Painted Illustrations & Hand-written Notes

Hand-Painted Illustrations & Hand-written Notes cake

The hand-painted elements on the cake are made out of colorful buttercream and look amazingly beautiful. This new trend involves the use of edible paint instead of using the piping technique for decorating the cake. You can even opt for handwritten messages for your loved ones which would make it even more special. Another idea is to make use of stencils and edible markers which would contribute to the uniqueness and give a personal touch to the cake. You can get this cake as diwali gift under 500 for your loved ones.

Flowers and Leaves

Flowers and Leaves Cake

If you are someone who loves living close to nature, then the floral decoration on the cake is rightfully meant for you. You can add the colors and design you want and make the cake unique to you. This year the flower decoration has become even more exotic than the traditional use, and you can even add fern, eucalyptus sprigs, herbs that would add fragrance to the cake. Foliage will also give a terrific finishing to the cake and enhance the fondant designs.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes Cake

Using geometric shapes and textures is another popular trend this year, and it would be perfect for using over the cake. Such decorations are a balance of stylishness and simplicity and are perfect for house warming occasion or even for someone who is not a lover of pomp and show. Moreover, you can even get creative with the tiers of the cake and make it even more appealing.

Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic Style cake

This particular style is a popular choice for wedding cakes and also for special events where you get online cake and flower delivery in Jaipur. You will find that these cakes are a mix of rustic look and stylish appearance, which make them a piece of art. In addition to that, you can find them being decorated with feather, foliage, colorful palette, and also dreamcatchers.

Hope you will love these trends and give your loved ones some amazing surprises! Wish to surprise someone with flowers? Know about the top reasons to buy flowers online from our previous blog.

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